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Utility Bill Management

Say goodbye to your utility bills and all the tasks associated with processing and analyzing them. Flow is the outsourced utility management solution for the multi-family industry, designed with input from top property management executives. Whether you are interested in lowering your utility costs, increasing administrative efficiencies, or launching a “Green Initiative,” we can help you achieve your goals.

Real estate professionals know that energy and utilities can account for up to 30% of the property’s operating expenses. This does not include the non-stop task of paying and processing monthly invoices, reviewing each bill for errors, and comparing usage and rates against historical trends. Just paying the bills before a late fee is imposed only scratches the surface of the task at hand. Utility bills have an alarmingly high error rate and must be carefully reviewed each month. Once errors are found, the long and frustrating task of contacting the provider and reconciling overcharges takes place.

With Flow as your “Utility Management Department,” your employees can focus on your communities’ needs, knowing the utilities are being handled by the experts. The bottom line is that our service pays for itself…guaranteed!