BillingMade Easy


MyFlowBill is the resident billing program for submeters, RUBs, and convergent billing that does more than you would expect. We don’t just calculate charges, send bills, take a fee, and leave it up to the property manager to make sure everything is correct. We continuously review the property’s utilities and the resident charges to make sure the billing is achieving maximum results.

Flow is a utility management company, not a transaction-based company that just sends a bill for a fee. We analyze the property’s utility expenses and ensure the billing is recapturing what it should. We advise our clients on the best approach to billing residents and conduct monthly reviews, so the site staff doesn’t have to. MyFlowBill is completely automated, including the final bill. Your property staff simply explains the program at the lease signing and collects monies owed along with the rent. Residents can even sign up for our GreenBill option to receive their bills electronically at a reduced rate. We can add the property charges for rent, balances, pet fees, parking, etc. This allows us to provide the resident with a consolidated statement which shows their total account balance, helping to ensure that residents pay their total amount due.