Continuous Billing

Consumption Monitoring/Reporting

Our core service is analyzing utility bills to identify problems and opportunities. This is what sets us apart from the competition. A new set of utility bills arrive every month and if you can’t keep up, there is a very good chance you’re missing opportunities to save money.

Consumption monitoring is the back bone of every effective utility management program. The first step to saving money is realizing how much you’re consuming. We don’t just publish your bill data to a website and expect you to figure out what needs to be addressed. Instead, Flow uses state-of-the-art analytical programs to review energy and water consumption patterns, rates, and weather effects. Categorizing, tracking, trending, analyzing, and benchmarking each utility bill as it arrives and communicating problems to our clients through work orders ensures your property knows where to focus their efforts. This way, problems can be fixed in a timely manner, resulting in you saving money and energy.

With Flow as your energy manager, you will have access to clear and concise reports that provide information on all aspects of your utilities. Need a special report? Just ask. Many can be generated at no additional cost.

Understanding the property’s consumption is critical to every aspect of utility management, from forecasting utility budgets to measuring returns on investments for energy saving projects.