Bang forYour Buck

Analysis & Strategic Planning

Properties have limited resources in terms of money and (wo)manpower. They can’t fix every little thing immediately, nor can they invest in all of the latest technology. We help properties determine the best use of funds and effort to achieve both short- and long-term utility savings. Whether it’s specific meters, pieces of equipment, processes to change, or maintenance to do, we identify the things that will provide the best returns. Our “cherry picking” approach does just that.

Flow’s extensive database of thousands of properties across the country contains the utility data of many conservation projects. Some projects have had incredible results and others have fallen short of expectations. Utilities for multi-family properties can be just as simple as most “properties don’t have complex systems.” Multi-family properties need to focus on the basics and avoid those “magic boxes” that purport to save tons of money. We help our clients identify what they need to focus on and how they should go about addressing the items that matter.