Problem Solved!

This isn’t rocket science or brain surgery but, it isn’t easy. Multifamily utility management is unique from other industries simply because the properties often have so many meters. It is volume based. We keep things simple and focus on making it easy for our clients. It is our job to identify the “problem of the month” as, with utilities, there is always something to do. This month, you may have a water meter running high, next it could be high vacant bills, the following something else. With Flow, you have the peace of mind that experts are constantly looking at all aspects of your utilities.

Our Utility Solutions


Calculate charges, send bills, take fees, and more. MyFlowBill is the ultimate resident billing program for submeters, RUBs, and convergent billing.

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Utility Bill Management

Managing, processing and analyzing utility bills is a stressful task, so let Flow take care of it. Whether you’re lowering your utility costs, increasing administrative efficiencies, or launching a “Green Initiative,” Flow has got you covered.

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Reoccuring Utility Analysis

Flow does the dirty work so you don’t have to. With Flow’s full-service utility management program, you can spend more time focusing on your core operation while we scan invoices, collect data points, and more.

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Consumption Monitoring & Reporting

We’re the best at what we do, and what we do is analyze utility bills to identify problems. We don’t stop halfway through; we keep going until the job is done the right way.

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Vacant Recovery

Processing utility bills and comparing service dates to resident occupancy periods is tedious, but Flow can take the load off your back. Stop spending extra money on utilities for vacant units and start saving with Flow.

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Analysis Strategic Planning

Save money and reduce stress. Let Flow take care of making sure your property isn’t paying for bills your tenant owes.

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Budget season. Just the name sends a chill down property management workers’ spines. That’s why you need someone like Flow to make sure your budgets are done right and on time.

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Energy Star Service & Product Provers

“Green” methods are the words on everyone’s lips these days. Flow can help with that, ensuring that your energy and water data matches Energy Star’s guidelines.

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